rice vs. my dakota

I like the old volkswagen beetles(air cooled) but the golfs and liquided cooled volkswagens suck. A TR makes a nice daily driver.:D
hey man... those dodge trucks are quick....my mom rented a 2002 quadcab w/the 8 in it.... i think either the 5.9 o 5.2...had a bit o pep... from a dead stop then punch it it spun 1st and 2nd... got goin quick too. and ricers suck.. im 17 and its safe 4 me to say ill never own a ricer or a Ford... if i did the only ricer id own is a 86-92 RX-7 Turbo. Im a big ol GM fan...

{just got my 355ci chevy small block from jasper racing and a 4spd Muncie....those are my new year project}
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Ricers have no class and will race anything they think they may have a chance to beat. They probably post kills on school buses:rolleyes:

And parked cars...

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im 17 and its safe 4 me to say ill never own a ricer or a Ford...

That makes two of us. :)
and in reverse.... come on now... has anyone ever seen a ricer do doughnut in reverse..very funny..

Rice...its whats for dinner!
I happen to have a 2000 Jetta VR6 (2.8 V6) 5-speed as my daily driver. Its fully loaded, it even has heated leather seats and all the little creature comforts. I mean its a hot car (bright blue with grey leather) and I do have some stuff done to it but VERY FAR from rice. Its all in good taste. Most VW owners hate hondas and rice in general. Its not slow either, its pretty quick...stock I think they got high 14's out of em'. Doesnt have the hairy sack that my GN has but what can you do? Its a V6 in a sport compact compared to all the 4 bangers out there in the import scene. With a turbo kit on the VR6, it will easily beat all the imports out there shy of the modded twin turbo supras. My friend has a 2000 Jetta VR6 bi-turbo with the Quattro AWD system and it runs high 10's!! (full carbon fiber body, everything is beefed up...its insane -street legal-) Dont get me wrong, my GN is my race car and i dont plan on racing my daily but its a neat car without any headaches (100,000 miles powertrain warranty - 2yr/24,000 miles bumper to bumper). the good thing is the sticker was at $24,500 and I got it for $22,000 out the door, fair price for a new car with a lot of luxury and what not, and most of all, good insurance rates. Handles great too! Just wait until the 2002 models come out with the new VR6's with 201 hp and a 6-speed...RICERS WATCH OUT!:D BTW, my friend has a new body style GTI VR6 and it is not boxy at all...Black6Pack, you must be thinking of the old body styles...its actually a sick looking car! The 1.8T's can also move with some mods...Check out www.VWVortex.com its got some neat cars on there!