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Man, I thought that car was pretty ugly in terms of it being a Cobra. The headlights didn't fit at all. The backend was kinda cool. But all in all ugly. I think this whole make an old car new is getting overdone and cliche. It started with the new beatle and now the madness has spread and taken over Ford. Pretty soon Ford's entire lineup of new cars is gonna be remakes of their entire 1965 lineup. We can check off the mustang and Tbird already. I'm not sure what era the GT was around but that gets a check and now the cobra. Anyone for a remake of the Pinto? I suppose one that doesn't blow up. Thank goodness it wasn't done with the GTO and I'll curse anyone who trys to do it to the chevelle, camaro, or firebird. But that's a whole other can of worms.:D
I drove my dad's 427 Replica last weekend and I have to say the original is so much better looking than what the Ford designers came up with. The chassis/drivetrain was cool, but the car needs work.

The Cockpit of the original is rounded and wrapped around the driver and not the squared off hole that makes the new car appear to be made from Legos.

What the hell is up with the Hood? Where are those bars on the original? If they were so important why aren't they carried through to the back?

It's what I always say that consensus is a lack of leadership. You can tell one of the designers wanted a more traditional cobra while another wanted another GT90 abortion. They got a little of both.
I hope they maintain or maybe even get a little more tech.. The Dyno Cell stuff and Plastic/laser parts ptototyping I thought was real neat. I sure hope GM gives them access to some project like Ford did. Obviously for something that runs, and not some Aztek grocery cart.
I definitely did not like the front end of the car. But it was interesting to see the frame and chassis being made out of aluminum....or whatever it was. the motor looks pretty strong. At least Ford is trying to do some new things, which is more than I can say for GM. Ford and Chrysler are way ahead of GM in new designs. They are palying catch up, as usual. I just bought my first Ford product, an Expedition. So far, I am very happy with it. It has better suspension, ride and brakes than the GM's. I ahve always been a GM guy, but they are doing their best to run me off!
I would rather have this. The new Chrysler ME four- twelve. Now THIS car is a badass! And it looks awesome.

The heart of the ME Four-Twelve is its all-aluminum, quad-turbo, 6.0-liter V-12 engine. With electronic sequential multipoint fuel injection and a 9.0:1 compression ratio, the ME Four-Twelve's AMG-developed engine delivers 850 bhp @ 5750 rpm, with 850 lb-ft. (1150 N-m) of torque between 2500 and 4500 rpm on premium unleaded fuel. The specific power output translates to 142 bhp/liter, and with a curb weight of just 2880 lbs. (1310 kg), the ME Four-Twelve has the weight-to-power ratio of 3.4 lbs/bhp -- each of these sets new performance records and new benchmarks in the super car category.

And, befitting a machine that will play comfortably in the super car league, the performance of the ME Four-Twelve is stunning. In our projections and modeling, the ME Four-Twelve goes from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, 0-100 mph in 6.2 seconds and it will blister through the quarter mile in 10.6 seconds at 142.0 mph. The estimated top speed of the ME Four-Twelve is 248 mph (400 km/h). The vehicle is designed and packaged to achieve outstanding thermal performance under extreme operating conditions. Its large capacity, high- efficiency engine-cooling system allows this engine to retain optimum thermal performance -- a key advantage in the super car arena.

The 7-speed Ricardo Double Clutch Transmission was developed specifically for this vehicle and features the latest double wet-clutch technology and electronic control strategy. The exclusive ME Four-Twelve transmission delivers uninterrupted torque to the rear wheels with 200 millisecond shift times.
I agree that the headlights weren't quite right. Either too small, or in-set too far. Looked like beady little eyes on it. The car was a little flat and had an impression of being "squared off" here and there. The big sexy curves and fenders are what made the original Cobra so stunning. Still a very cool car, but again, big dollars for limited audience. Tbird, GT, Cobra...cool cars, but not targeted for the masses to buy. I hope the Mustang doesn't get priced out of reach too.

IMO, they need to work on a Ford (read: cheaper) version of the Lincoln LS. That could be an Accord/Camry competitor and actually sell in large numbers. IF they give it a real name.
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At least Ford is trying to do some new things, which is more than I can say for GM.
But they're not. They're just remaking old cars. It seems like a last ditch effort, kinda saying "remember when we used to be good?"

As for chrysler that ME four-twelve is definatly cool but it will never see production. Chrysler is still not doing well enough financially to take a risk like that.
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But they're not. They're just remaking old cars. It seems like a last ditch effort, kinda saying "remember when we used to be good?"

I hear what you are saying, and agree somewhat. But, the name Cobra is really the only similarity. It is not the same car. Most of the car looked like a very innovative design. No other car has a chassis/frame like that. The motor is totally brand new and very sweet. I think they dropped the ball on the body design, but that's just an opinion. Just as many people will love it. It is definitely not a remake of an old car, just the name is old. I think the new Cobra has more originality and imagination than the new GTO. IMO:)
I must say that the motor in that car is crazy, wouldn't mind that but the car is ugly to futuristic in my opinon but i love the old school look, the new gto is joke rather not get started on that, no i think ford is trying to say remeber when we used to be good because even though the frame and all that is different it is still based on an old idea regardless, the motor though thumbs up on that baby. i think the front needs to be cut off and re-done i dont like the dashboard everything is way to far away the guages go almost all the way to the pass. side lol , dumb dumb's. ah well still dont like ford junk. :D
I thought the show itself was awesome! A very nice nice look at prototyping on a large scale budget, and technical enough to keep me interested. Five thumbs up! :cool: