Rim/Tire time!


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Nov 28, 2001
It's about time!
I've finally got the cash for some rims and tires for the GN, and I've definitely decided on Centerline Convo Pros. But I have a few questions.... (I've searched the previous posts)

I'm getting 15x10's for the rear and 15x4's for the front but my question is on the amount of backspacing I should get(I know this has been asked a thousand of times, but I'm asking it again)

For the rears: would 4.5inch backspacing fit (tire will be 275/60/15 Nitto DR)? If it won't fit, any other recommendations?

Fronts: What backspacing are most people with 15x4's running. Also what tire size should I get? (I'm leaning towards 215/65/15, but give me your opinions)

Lastly, I'm gettin the Nitto 555R's for the rear.... What tire BRAND should I get for the front? Does it matter? (If not, i'm just going for the cheapos at Wal-Mart)

Thanks for any help,
I ran 15x8 Telestars with a 4" BS. With 275/60/15 BF Drag radials. I think my fronts were 15x3 with a 1.65" BS or close to that. I have pics if you want to see them on the car. Drop a link to your email.:)
Stop by when you get em, I'd like to see your car with the convo pros...

On a 10" rim, I don't think 4 1/2" BS would work - you might have some rubbing issues on the 1/4 panel unless something is done to avoid it.

I run the 275/60 15 Nitto on my car (lowered 1" w/ no air in the bags) but with 8" rims, 4" BS. I had to trim the passenger 1/4 panel just a hair and but the other was fine. Tire runs really close to the frame but never touches.
With the 8" rim/4"BS that leaves 4" hanging either way. On the 10" rim with 4.5"BS you'd have 4.5" on the inside, 5.5" on the out side. I think you'd have to jack the rear to clear the 1/4s (which I personally think looks funny).
I know some people are running the 10" rims but the rear has to come up to clear.

Just a thought, maybe someone with that setup will chime in.
Thanks zam70

Anybody out there with a similar setup to what I want?

15x10 Rears
15x4 Fronts

If so, any fitting issues? What backspacing?
There s some new pics on G-BODYPARTS.com with 10" gn wheels with 4.5" BS-take a look.