Roll Cage and Paint Jobs


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May 25, 2001
I was just wondering if anyone knows of a GOOD shop on the island that can fab a decent 6 pt roll cage (with swing out side bars)? And even more of a question, are there any recommendations to a VERY GOOD paint shop on the island. The guy who owned my GN before me had a CHEAP MAACO paint job put on it and it's cracking and just looks like complete SH*T to say the least. I have the ultimate 50 foot looker!!!! :( These are both things I hope to do in the "medium" future (not right away, but not years down the road). I know there are a TON of shops out there that do under the counter body repair and paint. I don't know if I really trust these guys to paint my baby unless I saw some real quality work from them. Thanks for ANY suggestions or past experiences you all have had.

I forgot to ask last night. How much did he charge for the cage and how long did it take? Did you do any prep work for him (remove seats, carptet, etc.) ??

Derrick (motor STILL not done. :mad: )
RN auto body and paint, I think his name is Roy, he did quite a few of GN's and he painted my friends GNX, he does excellent work! I seen his work!. ph. 732-0069 he is located in Kapahulu.