Roller cam kit wanted (have parts to trade as well)


still needs to learn
Aug 14, 2004
Looking for a new/BNIB/never run 212/212 or 210/215 duration cam and the corresponding pieces that would make an equivalent to Comp's "cam kits". I will entertain offers if they are very similar (210/212, 212/214, 210/214, etc) so don't hesitate to make an offer!

I'd like a package will all the following:
-cam (specs listed above)
-thrust button
-lifters (morel preferred, comp OK)
-timing chain

Don't think I am missing anything else.

I have a few pieces to help with a partial trade as well:
-PTC 10" 3000-3200 @0 vacuum NLU (less than 100 miles on it)
-perfect condition stock 87 ttype fuel tank with sender, 340, and hotwire kit
-87 fuel rail with stock injectors and fuel wiring harness
-old school "kenne bell"-style CAI (the black ducting style)
-stock headers and crossover pipe (don't think there are any cracks, but traded as-is)
-stock 8445 heads with springs, etc (no rockers)
-Nice "Y" AN fitting, blue NOS one that is single -6 with dual -6 out
-BGC "stock appearing" fuel pressure regulator
-5 piece spoiler that needs paint, but works fine.

Here is a thread with some pics of parts that I listed: