Roller install???


I was wondering if anyone had a write up to install a roller cam.

I looked on gnttype and they have the install procedure for a flat tappet but no roller. Is there any extra steps to do while putting in the roller?
Are you going to be installing a ductile iron or a billet roller?

It is easiest if you talk to one of the vendors and get a kit with cam,springs, lifters, pushrods, correct timing chain, etc.

It is wise to get an adjustable length pushrod checker, and you will need a dial indicator to set the endplay of the cam if you are using a ductile iron setup. Someone correct me if I am wrong but all the billet roller setups I have seen have a spring loaded front button to control endplay. Again talk to your vendor to make sure you get everything you need.

Other than making sure you have the endplay set right, make sure you DO NOT use a timing chain tensioner with a double roller chain. HTH
If you get a billet cam make sure it has the right thrust surface on it or you will be pulling the engine out and re-rebuilding it :rolleyes:. My new setup is going to have a torrington bearing in between the block and cam thanks to Bison's advise. Its not a bolt in and go, but the torrington bearing is capable of handling extreme loads :D