Roller Rocker and Roller Cam pushrods


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I am putting the last little bits on my 4.1 together and unless there is something amiss my measurements say I need 8.100" pushrods. I have the following:
Champion CNC Irons, Comp 853 roller lifters, T&D 1.65:1 roller rockers, Fel-Pro 1000 head gaskets, and a block that was just surfaced to flat (didn't even remove the water marks from the old heads).
The TA length checking pushrod I got was too long so I took an old stocker, sliced an inch out of the middle and threaded it with all thread and jam nuts. I then put the lifter in, set it on base circle and droped the pushrod then bolted down the rockers. I adjusted the pushrod till it was hanging when I tried to spin it by hand then tightened the jam nuts and took it to work and used a machinists scale to measure it.... 8.100".

Anything sound off?
I was told by my machinist that you should make sure that your roller tip should be just past centerline of valve to assure propper fit.
Hope this helps.
BTW Everything else sounds right. Good luck.
Sounds right but I would say - check them all. They should be the same but it is also a good form of confirming and piece of mind

With stock heads and Harland Sharp RR's I cam in at 8.050" to get the oil holes in the rocker arm to line up just right