roller rockers


May 29, 2001
Anyone got any news on roller rockers for these heads. I now someone said they were working on some???
Im still looking for the link that showed what you need. Its around somewhere.
I did it, used the Crane's for a Pontiac 8 (1.65's with a 7/16'"stud)...the trick is finding the longer set screw that will double as a valve cover hold-down.

Finishing mine after a long hiatus...should be running next week.
house of speed-

are they full roller rockers ? or just roller tipped rockers?
how much and part # if you got it handy :)
They are indeed a true roller rocker....tip and fulcrum, aluminum bodied, just like the Crane golds but not anodized. I don't have the part number handy...but they were like 159 from Summit and they are the only part number for a Pontiac V8 (the only reason I picked that one is that it was a 1.65 and it had a 7/16" stud)
h.p. rate

how much hp do you think they added? 10? 15?
if you do find the part # please post
Part number is 28747....hope that helps. You will also need the ARP studs...part # 135-7101, and I am running an 8.700 pushrod with Isky guide plates (adjustable).

I just checked the Summit online catalog and the price went up....171.95.

Wish I had a before and after to offer up in terms of power car was dead when I purchased it, and I have done a lot to it would be hard to single out the gains from the rockers. I wouldn't bet any more than 12-15 at the wheels...and thats predominantly from making the cam seem bigger.

Any pics of the GN that needs paint? I might have to talk myself into a driver.....
thanks for the info-- i am going to put a 206/206 in the tta as soon as i get the other 2 in the garage finished... might look into the roller rockers when i have the motor out doing all the mods

i can get some pics sometime, not soon, i dont have a digital camera...
the car had the same owner for 9 years, car fax is fine, and no rust in the doors or rockers.
t-top car
Excellent. Thanks guys...

How are roller rockers going to give more lift? The stock rockers are supposed to be 1.65s.

Also these fit under a stock valve cover?

Have you started the motor?
They clear the valve covers with no problems....haven't started the car yet, but I don't see any clearance issues at all.

I don't think the stockers are a 1.65.....although I must admit, I haven't looked into that. My comment was made in a shaft rocker train of thought...where the shaft stuff is 1.55.

I really made the swap just because.....I am not a big fan of the stamped stock rockers, and a couple of mine were broken when I got the car.

Dimensionally, the Crane's aren't that much bigger than the stockers.....
What do the guide plates do? Why do you need those?

Thanks alot for this info, I have been looking for this for awhile. That EXCELLENT NEWS that you can keep the stock rockers.
The guide plates serve as an aligning tool for the rocker and the pushrod...without the plates the rocker/pushrod would twist under load.

On a pedestal style rocker (like the stocker) the arm is bolted to the head....providing positive alignment for the rocker/pushrod. The rollers pivot on the stud instead of a fixed fulcrum (like the stocker) and thats where we get the extra lateral movement.
89 turbo ta-
will those fit under the stock valve covers?

what kind of 60' does your car get for those 6.53's in the 1/8th?
my best 60' was 1.62 with mickey thompson sportsman pros tires
lauching at around 10lb with the e-brake
i couldnt get the 1/4 mile pass cause the 1/4 timing light broke
but i think it should have been a low 11 at 120 something
my buddys car 60's at 1.60, runs 6.90's and the ets are 11.0H's at 121.. your cars pass would have been a 10.50-60 at 126-7
I have thought twice about posting a response to this and in no way intend to insight any hard feelings, but I don't see 97mph equating to 127 in the 1/4. My car has run several 98mph passes in the 1/8th but only 7.30s et. The car dynoed with the same combo, as when the 98mph passes were made, @ 402rwhp. I would think that the mph would need to be in the 105 mph range to = 127 in the 1/4? I'm not doubting the post you made, but rather wonder what would cause the wide diff in your et with respects to the mph?

Once again, not trying to start anything..just trying to understand:)
im guessing your talking to me?
well, the way i crunch the #'s

to run deep deep in the 11's your car needs to run 7.0 in the 1/8th and your 1/4 mile times will be right at 11.0

now 89TURBOTA's 1/8th mile is 6.5 seconds NO MATTER WHAT, THATS HAULIN BUTT!!!!! and any car running 6.5 in the 1/8 usually runs 10.70's or better more like 10.40's but it depends on horsepower.

now the mph
depending on lock up convertor, boost level, and how the top end charge is( depending on true horsepower) will only affect the 1/8th to 1/4 mph, he has a roller cam, ported heads, ect (lots of top end charge) :)

usually the GNs gain 22-24mph from the 1/8th and my TTA's are always above this , mine was 25-26 with high boost and race gas.

so nctta you have the same mods as 89turbota does, so that is why your comparing your car to hiscars 1/8th mile to 1/4 mile top end charge?
the only way to find out, is have him make a pass and see...
The way I'm looking at it is that you would need around 525rwhp to run the # you are predicting...but 97 in the 1/8 is low if 500+hp was there. I agree that 6.50s is very quick, but just doesn't match the 6.50.

I don't have the same car ran the 98 w/ stock heads ta-61 FMIC and 009injs.

My question was not really directed to you KC, but an overall question as to how the vast difference in MPH and ET can be explained?

How much does your car weigh 89 TurboTA?

Once agian not trying to start anything just understanding of this.:)