Roofrail rubber


Oct 28, 2003
Looking for some new roofrail rubber...this is the rubber that usually gets ripped or torn from using a coat hanger trying to slim-jim your way into the car after locking your keys in the car....such as in my case....previous owner of course:D ...prefer NOS, but aftermarket is good. I hear Softseal is crappy, so who or where else?
Glenn we have new in stock for the driver side. Just be glad it isn't the passenger side.
I have a extra NOS GM R/H roofrail weatherstrip #20737658 I wouldn't
mind getting rid of.I'm in need of some NOS chrome,let me know if your interested in any sort of trade. Thanks,Dave
Hey Dave, PM me a price sand I'll take it.....Brian, I'll give you a yell also for the drivers side