Rough Idle, then dies?

I was replacing my radio because it broke, and I blew the instrument light fuse, (no big deal), replaced it and everything was back in order. Car started right up, then about 20-30 seconds later, it stumbles then dies?

If I keep giving it gas, it won't die, but after I take my foot off, it will die 20 seconds later. Battery is fine, alternator is fine, recently had to adjust the tps, but it is at .44 so thats fine, IAC Is at 33, pretty high....anyone know if when the instrument light fuse blew, something else coulda gotten messed up? ECM maybe? Sometimes before it dies, it throws a '01' error code.
dont know about a fuse connnection, but a problem like that usually leads to an air leak between the MAF and the Throttle Body.