Rough Idling in the Morning(scary)!!!!!!


Jul 17, 2003
Hey Guys,

I appreciate all the info i've gotten from all of you, but i'm still a newbee here:D this morning i started up my car to go to work and it started to idle really rough like it was running out of air or something, the "engine service"
light came and stayed there for awhile, usually it'll disappear, but it was on for a good 5 minutes, but the car was still idling rough for awhile, never happened before, so i checked all the hose made sure there was no leak, couldn't find anything, i gave the car a couple of good hard revs that seemed to help, and it seemed fine after awhile, so i drove onto the freeway and was running fine, about 10 min. on the freeway it started again, "engine service" light came on car started idle rough again, but it didn't die on me thank you god:D i'm not too sure whats the problem and its frustrating cause i'm still a rookie, all info is greatly appreciated, anyone if you have any idea, give me a call #222-6456, i'm always reachable;) Thanks in advance.

Joseph C.
Hey Mick,

Thanks alot for that informative information:D but thanks to Gerald, it was the ECM that crapped out, due to the heavy rain and my wife forgot to fully close the window(slightly cracked) and it was soaked with water;) howwwwwwwwww embarrassing:D and luckily he had a spare, so the car is up and running again, thanks to everyone for all there info Mick, Gerald, Chris and Jackson, i really appreciate it very much:( makes me wanna cry already hehehehehe NOT:D ;) :) :cool:

Joseph C.