Running rough and backfiring through exhaust. Fast XFI 2.0 - 15 Wideband Fault


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May 29, 2001
Hello all,

Have not spent much time with this car in a while.

It started to run rough and has a bad backfire through the exhaust just idling. Smells very rich.

Fast XFI 2.0 threw a code 15 Wide band fault. Could this be a possibility for what is happening?

It didn't have this code prior to it running rough and backfiring.

Thank you in advance.
Thanks for the reply.
Its about 12-15mins from the Turbo on the THDP.
I will try and get some data logs on this.
Noticed the Service Soon light come on and on the Scanmaster G it stated 15 Wideband Fault.
Shut the car off and gave it a few minutes. Restarted and the service soon light came on with the same error.