Rubbing Alcohol To Pass Smog


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If your plates were suspended befor feb 1 2007. that car will have to pass idle test and gas cap test. Im not sure how they will go about letting you reregister new plates to that car if they suspended original plates. i know the state makes you get temp permit to take it through test before the reinstate your plates.have the plates expired since suspension ? Because you might get away with appling for new plates. the wisconsin car you should have no problems. good luck


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I didn't read the entire thread, so forgive me if this has already been said.

In most areas with emissions testing, gasoline is sold with 10% ethanol. If you have 10% ethanol, then adding a few ounces of heet (methanol), rubbing alcohol (iso-propanol) or denatured (ethanol) really can't make any differance.

With alcohol, the oxygen sensor will detect the leaner mixture and fatten it right back up (which is why 10% ethanol doesn't really clean the air). It might a liitle help at WOT, but I don't think any emissions testing actually goes WOT.
What state? Have you tested and failed already? By how much? I tried adding a couple gallons of E85 and it didn't make much difference. CEL is an automatic fail in some places. Resetting the computer will clear the code only if you've resolved the issue causing it, which it doesn't sound like you're doing. Functioning O2 might help you pass too.


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Dude .... this thread was EIGHT YEARS AGO.

This is a very slow list lately, nobody but us Californicators even has smog anymore ....
I would have sworn I was replying to someone else necroposting, something about 2 gal alcohol, 3 gal gas and a non-functioning O2 sensor to pass. Don't see the post anymore :confused:
Why not WOT when you have added 1 gal of Denatured Alky to the tank. It was stated in several posts not to do WOT when adding and not tuned. What is the net effect? Curious and learning...