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1. Stock location coilovers shocks in the rear yes or no

2. Any shifter style Yes or no

3. M1 fuel allowed. Yes or no

4. Mini tubs allowed. Inner frame rail must remain in stock location yes or no

I will say that these additions in my mind would not adversely affect the current racers and would allow possibly 4 cars to enter the class.

Only participating racers from 2017 and 2018 may vote.
Nick Piccione
Jason Cramer
Rob Ortosky
John Plog
Fred Roeder
Landon Spendlove
Jason VanTholen
Thomas Dyckman
Jason White
Paul DuBois
Collin Huntley
Dave Barclay
William Avila
Walt Judy
Tom Winkler

I will make every effort to contact everyone. Voting will close 2/17/19
The M1 yes or no is just a rule clarification. M1 is currently not allowed in our class but does not specifically say it in the rules.
Last chance to vote is today. I have sent personal Facebook messages and text to the 5 left. I have made attempts to contact everyone that is allowed to vote.
Tristan Winkler (Tom Winkler on the list, my apologies for the name screw up) votes the following
1. Yes
2. No
3. No
4. Yes
So overall here are the results:
Coilover kit is now legal to use. Vote passed 11 to 3
Any shifter is now legal to use. Vote passed 12 to 2
M1 fuel is NOT allowed and will be added to the rule wording. Voted down 5 to 9
Mini tubs are now legal. Vote passed 12 to 2
(Remember the inner factory frame rail must stay. )

One person did not vote, Landon Spendlove.

I will update the rules for 2019 and make it a sitcky. Thank you everyone and I expect to see some new cars in the class!!!!
Not open for further replies.