Run it out or lift at 1/8th


i had planned to run my car again this week at the 1/4 mile and hopefully avenge my loss to a guy's c6 vette, but since my new PTC converter appears not to be shipped yet I'm still running my old one which slips pretty bad on top end. I was hitting 5200 about the 1/8 mile @92 mph. So if I go should I run it out, shift to OD and run it out which I did last year, or just abort after the 1/8th and forget the 1/4 time if I do race ?
Running 275/50/15 nitto DRs fwiw.
If you feel you have a issue I would wait till the car is ready. But if you want to race it run it out in 3rd and see what rpm it traps at. I bet it’s about 5800rpm

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Same problem here. I let out the first run because it was revving too high before the finish line in D. Second pass I just ran it in OD. Shifted to 4th about 100 ft before the 1/4 mile. I think my stall is too high. Not running again until I make some changes. Was still fun though.