Running hotter than usual


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May 25, 2001
Ever since I got my car back from a complete rebuild it has been running about 15 to 20 degrees hotter than nornal. It doesn't matter if it's 75 degrees in the morning or 95 degrees in the afternoon. It still runs around 203 on the highway. Could the thermostat be not opening all the way or maybe an air bubble or what? Runs the same temperature with or without the air on. It does have a 165 thermostat. Thanks, R.B.
Complete rebuild...engine? If so maybe when the lower intake was installed the engine builder used too much of the Right Stuff by the water jackets and restricted the flow or maybe the engine is tighter thus creating more friction.
Complete rebuild...engine?........maybe the engine is tighter thus creating more friction.

I do not know how much to expect but I agree, with a complete rebuild I would expect to see a few degrees warmer for a while.