1986 Grand National Astroroof, 67k miles $12,500, Erie PA


Jul 18, 2005
1986 Buick Grand National Astroroof, unopened engine, stock transmission 67,xxx miles. Asking $12,500 OBO. Runs and drives great. Not hacked or butchered. It has been painted once before but it was before my ownership so I can not comment on the details other than I believe it to be an 8 out of 10. The Astroroof is in perfect working order it just does not have the sliding sun screen. I have the key wrench to the Astroroof. Power antennae does not work. Rear bumper fillers are intact but have some soft spots. I bought this car with a small paint bubble on the lower drivers quarter and has not changed in size or appearance (see pic). Weather seals are soft and pliable and there are no water leaks. This car has only seen rain once during my ownership and that was the day I bought it. The AC blows cool, just not cold. Radio functions as it should but the bulb is burnt out that illuminates the stations. The car was bought with a turbo on it other than stock. I attempted to identify it without disassembling it. I ran it by Bison and he believes it to be a TE-60 or 62. That is just his opinion to me based on the little information that I gave him. Once she is spooled, holy F#ck!

Stock unopened , 67,xxx miles
TE 60 or 62 turbo (guessing on this)
Stock location intercooler with a Dut neck
Stock MAF sensor
RJC power plate
RJC boost controller
HD wastegate actuator
Razors Alky single nozzle system (Best money I ever spent on anything!)
K&N Air filter

Fuel management:
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Accufab fuel pressure regulator
Racetronix hot wire kit
Racetronix fuel injector harness
Racetronix fuel sending unit
36# fuel injectors
New fuel lines

Clean firm shifts each and every time

New ALRADO aluminum radiator
Stock fan and electrical management
180 degree thermostat
New aluminum thermostat housing

Stock ECU
Turbo Tweak 5.7 alky chip
Livewires spark plug wires

3 inch downpipe
Cat delete
Flowmaster dual exhaust
Bilstein front and rear shocks, springs, struts
UMI front control arm bushings
UMI tubular upper and lower control arms
Mickey Thompson 235x60 rear drag radials
New Powermaster brake unit.

I am sure I am forgetting something but I will update as questions come in or as I remember details. Call or text (814) 823-2472. Grand National is located 20 miles south of Erie, PA. I work the midnight shift and I am asleep when you are awake but I will get back to you. As much as I would enjoy trades, not at this time.

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No kidding huh? WOW! Well bought Ron!!

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Nice car and a good buy. Just a tip to the new owner get rid of the flowmasters mufflers they are slowing you down. You do not want chambered mufflers on a turbo car.
Really nice car!! Just was following up to see if it sold. Thanks!!! Have a great weekend!!!
Just following up to see if this GN definitely was sold. Looks like a great car!!