Running Lean, and knocking.


Took the car out for a drive yesterday after not driving it for a couple of months. Prior to this drive i installed a double pumper, fuel filter, new plugs, and dialed down the boost to 17/18psi. I filled up the Alky tank and away i went. Car felt strong but had alot of knock, so i pulled over and upped fuel in the chip +5%. Took it back out and still knocking. Then i turned up the alky gain knob to 7 1/2, and still got knock. I headed home at this point to grab a bite to eat. After dinner i upped fuel in the chip to +9% took her out and still got knock. On that run a recorded a PL file. When i got home i let the car cool off and pulled some plugs to my surprise they were WHITE as a ghost:eek:. I was checking out my Double Pumper install and noticed I forgot to groung the black ground wire where the pump drops in and connectors from the pump and hotwire go together:(.. Was this not being grounded causing my problem. I can hear the first pump kick on when i turn key on ignition. And i have 40psi of fuel pressure at the rail(vac on).

Here is the PL file
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Let me know what you think.
Did you raise the fuel pressure . I gave my TT chip more fuel +5 but I did add more fuel pressure so it did not change at all . 42lbs with the line off , that should do it. Good luck
I hade the same problem, i have the corect fuel pressure at the rail when idle.
I lost the half fuel pressure when i hade full gas, it was the ground on the doubel pumper installation that not had enough ground.
Eric what exactly does that tell you. I'm still trying to learn what all the readings tell me exactly.

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Heetseeker. I'm going to ground that tomorrow morning. Then tape my fuel pressure gauge to the window and carefully make some passes.

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