S Florida High 10's, low 11's 87 GN for sale.


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Hi all,
Unfortunately, due to life changes, I am looking to sell my 87 Grand National. I have had it for about 24 years and it has about 85,000 miles on it but probably less than 2000 miles on the motor and most additions. Dave at J&J Upholstery in Lake Worth, FL maintains this car and has done most of the work on it. He can be contacted at his shop at (561) 547-0460 in Lake Worth for detailed information. I am currently living across the state in Fort Myers but Dave has access to the car which is in A/C storage near his shop, The car is very driveable and has only been on the track one time about 2 years ago. The burnout pic is from that night at PBI. In a fairly conservative street tune, on a hot July night at only 24 lbs boost and street pressure in the M/T Drag Radials it went 11.54 at 120 with a 1.8 60 ft. This is a high 10 sec car with just some moderate tuning. Put a 6262 on it and hold on. Talk to Dave but PLEASE DO NOT bother him with questions unless you are seriously interested. If you have questions that he can't answer, please contact me. I am looking to get $24000 but will consider offers if REASONABLE.
TA53, 85lbs,dual nozzle alky, 210 210 Billet roller, GN1's bulletproof tranny, Metcco adj upper and lower rear control arms, H&R rear bar, F body radiator, dual fans, roller rockers, bigger throttle body, Powerlogger, Wide band O2 sensor with Turbo Tweak Powerlogger chip, Scanmaster, new headliner, lightened front and rear bumper supports, rear seat X brace, larger rear speakers, Pioneer stereo, Viper alarm system, 10" rear drag stars with 295x15 M/T Street Drag radials. 7" front wheels, new brakes, S10 rear wheel cylinders, are just a small list of goodies. Dave knows the rest. Thanks - Terry tlturbo@aol.com
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OK, things aren't workiing out with changes in life SOOOO I am putting this car back up for sale. I brought it to North Carolina with me and I'm having a few things fixed (cam sensor cap cracked). If interested, please contact me.
Sorry I haven't changed this post but after selling it, I just moved on. It was sold and it and I both ended up back in Florida. Sorry for any inconvenirnce.