S10 brakes to what master cylinder


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Jul 21, 2002
I put 1999 GMC envoy 2 piston calipers and 1982 S10 manual brake rear wheel cylinders and because of the bigger pistons in the calipers and wheel cylinders the brake pedal is lower than usual. Which master cylinder will work with this combo, I have the monte carlo master when I changed from hydro boost to vacuum brakes.
I noticed a lower pedal when I switched to "Blazer Brakes", but after a week of driving I no longer noticed it.

But the Caprice master has larger bores, so it will reduce your pedal travel. You may want to move up to the caprice booster so you don't wind up with higher pedal effort. Note that the caprice master reservoir cover may rub the hood pad, but I think you can switch your Monte reservoir over.