S10 calipers/15' Welds?


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Nov 24, 2009
Anyone running the S10 blazer twin piston brake setup with 15' wheels? I'm debating a set of Weld draglites as an alternate set of wheels and wonder if they'll clear my brakes. I'm currently running 17's so it's quite the downsize. Thanks!:)
Well they came with 15's David so you may need to get the wheels and do a test fit on them. I think there's some wheels that won't fit properly though.
Yeah I was'nt sure what the later model S10 Blazer rim size was. I have a friend that may loan me a weld for test fit. That would truely stink to buy some and then not fit.:frown:
This is a set of Westerns I test fitted for my rears and you can see how close it is.


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yes they fit 15'' rims with no problems what so ever everything just bolts right up even the brake lines. i got them in a junk yard for $100.00. they came off a S-10 everything was good but i changed the rotor and pads
I just installed them and still breaking them in but they work alot!:eek: better than my stock ones. it took me about 3 hours to do well worth it
here are so pictures


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The backs of my Draglites rubbed the caliper brackets. Some time with a grinder solved it, but it was a hassle.
I thought the dual piston calipers required the S10 extreme spindle too?
i think the Exteme used the same smaller brakes as every g body ever built- i've only ever heard of anyone getting the spindles with the multi piston calipers from the later 4 door 2wd Blazers.
Not all 15's will clear this mod. Most will but I've had a few different issues. As stated above, a grinder does the trick for the most part. One particular set of Craiger ProStar look a likes wound not work without a spacer though.