Safe oil product for oil leaks??? there is not, fix the leak. :) BTW I have never owned a buick that doesn't leak. Some more than others,and some don't leave spots on the ground ,but they still seep. Typically I find the harder the car is run the greater the chance of a leak. Also my experience with synthetic oil is they tend to leak more also.
Is there such a product???

I was going to ask the same thing. I bought some "Bearing seal" by Gunk and I'm a little leary of putting it in. It says it's harmless to engine parts. I guess it has chemicals in it to swell up the seals and help stop the leak. My leak is the real main seal of course, and I thought this might be worth a shot.
My rebuilt engine started leaking from rear main within 200 miles...there were several other leaks too, but just from lines/fittings inadequately tightened...

It's just one of those things, I guess, with turboed/pressurized engines??