Salvage 87 GN. 71K Original Miles. $5900


Bought this car as stolen recovery. It was missing the seats, console, door panels and rug. this is the only reason why the car is declared salvage. Never in an accident. Body is straight and for the most part rust free. Door bottoms are clean. Originally came from PA. Car has been used daily for the past 3 years with no problem. Oil changes every 1500 to 2000 miles. Perfect donor car.
My SVO would look good in your driveway and that T-top car would look good in mine....:biggrin:

I don't care about salvage titles as the next TR I have is that last one I will buy. Looks like a little TLC, paint, and she's good to go.
Paint, bumper fillers, recharge the AC and it is good to go. 71K Original miles. G80 rear end. Look at the rust buckets on eBay and how much they are asking for them.
Not looking to lower the price any right now. I know the car is worth that much and I will hold on to it until it sells or not.
Soooo......I guess trades are out of the question.

I have no issue with your asking price, My trade is worth more than what you are asking.