scan tools


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Mar 4, 2002
Where can i find a scantool,How much are they?also what do u think of a new o2 senser?which one should i use?i think so far im going in the right direction.After i get her dialed in Im gonna suprise a few people.If you guys in buffalo see a quiet sounding Buick with a mysterious looking gym bag in the back please dont tell anyone.After i blow some doors off I will tell um WHATS AN INTERCOOLER?:rolleyes: THANKS A LOT U GUYS IM LEARNING A LOT HERE!
You can get a new o2 sensor , i just run what they have at the auto parts store. As for the scan tool you can pick up a used one pretty cheap about 150 but you may need a lab top for some of the scan tools.
you can get o2 sensors from ram chargers these are ac delco for 3 for 75.00 that's a great deal these are the afs21 I believe. As far as scan tool, do you still have the 85 ecm? If so that will limit your choices. Turbo link is a great program and you will need a lap top for this. Ramcharges also sales computers for readings for our cars too.