Scanmaster 2.0 Readings, Need Help with Knock


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Feb 21, 2005
I’ve had the GN for quite a while, and am looking to get it running right with zero to little knock. Car has a Walbro fuel pump hotwired, 42lb injectors with a 5.7 TT chip, stock MAF, stock turbo/intercooler, 160 degree thermostat. Scanmaster readings are below and I am getting knock at WOT. How do my numbers look? What can I do to eliminate/reduce the knock? Is it better record knock in low or high gear?

O2 Milivolts: all over the place
AF: 4
L8: 33-35
Bat: 13.7
Int: 128
BL: 130
Clt: 164
Ats: 103
RPM: 800
TPS: .42
IAC: 24
MAL: 0

O2 Milivolts: 769
Retard/Knock: 4.5
When I hold the Recall and Mode together it reads: 044.031 What does this mean??

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you all!!
How much boost are you seeing at WOT when this happens? Probably need to turn the boost down or the octane up.
Scanmaster #s look good.
The fuel pressure is at 40psi at idle. Not sure at WOT. Is that something I can monitor through the scanmaster? When I initially mashed the gas, the boost went up to 20 then dropped and was reading 14-15. If I were to up the octane, what would be a safe number? Will it affect the TT chip? Thanks for the input guys!
If you don't know what the fp is at 20# boost, stay out of the throttle until you do.....
Or, you may "enjoy" a new experience, aka changing head gaskets. Or worse, membership in the DOTC club.
I chased knock with my car for months, previous owner had boost cranked to high heaven, toned it down, still had knock, installed an RJC PowerPlate, knock disappeared, some the best money I've spent on my T, it paid for itself last year with mileage gained. Verify what boost your chip was burned for, get your boost into that range, if it's set for 18#'s and your running 20#'s, may have to adjust the timing to accommodate it. Look into that boost spike, also, how do the O2 cross counts look, O2 sensor could be on its way out, if you haven't changed the O2 sensor yet, throw a Denso in there, they are inexpensive enough.