Scanmaster G / ALDLDROID App Problem


Apr 16, 2019
I installed a Scanmaster G and ALDLDROID App. All were running great until today. The App started giving me weird Data readings. The Scanmaster readings appeared to be normal and coincided with my gauges. At idle the ALDLDROID showed RPM anywhere from 2500 to 4300. Most of the other reading were off too. I have reset the App, re installed the App, reset the bluetooth connection with the Scanmaster and everything else that I could think of. The App shows pairing with the Scanmaster but I'm not sure that the ScanMaster is transmitting the data. I noticed that a message flashes periodically on the bottom of the APP screen "no response from the ECU". I'm running out of options that I can think of. Anyone have anything else that I haven't tried? The Apps author is stumped and thinks it may be a faulty Scanmaster unit
Was ALDLDroid recently updated from the Play store?

I had issues where the update would overwrite or munch the ADX file from Bob, and that led to all kinds of bad stuff happening with the data feed.

Make sure you copy down the proper ADX file from Bob and make sure ALDL droid is using it.
Yes, I downloaded the most current version of the ALDLDROID App. I also have the most current ADX file from Bob. I have reinstalled fresh copies with both but the problem persists. It was working fine until it didn't.

Thanks for the reply
Bringing up this old thread.....did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue.