Scanmaster G Died


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Feb 20, 2008
Started the GN all was good,backed out of the garage.Started it after washing it and the gauge quite working all 0000.
Installed the old 2.1 and it worked OK. Any idea?
Never seen that before, can you send it to me to be checked/fixed ?

Just read scanmaster will not work.My windows 8.1 crashed so I grabbed my old HP with windows 7 pro and powerlogger version 1.4.0 I bet this is why the G didn’t work.Is this why? I never updated it because it doesn’t have Bluetooth. I’m such a Bozoo.
Weird. Mine just got extremely dim today after my mechanic replaced the fuel pump. It's still working but I can barely see it. Checked all the wires and nothing came loose. Volts showing 14 so I think I'm good there. Very odd. I'll have to dig into it this weekend.

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