Scanmaster G Logs


Jun 8, 2016
I have 5 logs in my scanmaster G but when I try to download them I only get the first 4. And the last one is the one I want. Go figure.. Any tricks or help is appreciated.

send me an email and I can look thru the log info. But you can try making a couple more logs so that the one of interest is not the last one.

Hi Bob,

I'm still having the issue of the Scanmaster G logs downloading at
2k files for each frame instead of the whole recording in one file.

I even went back and flashed the Scanmaster G to the older software
along the the Powerlogger to where it was before and it still had the same issue.

I made sure to reset the logs so they were new but no luck.

I can manually log from the Powerlogger just fine.

Currently running:

Scanmaster G
Flash 4015
SW Version 1.06


PLC version 2.6.8

I've also include a pic of my powerlogger folder just in case there's
something not looking right in there.



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1.06 is the correct version to use.

have you reset the gauge logs and recorded new ones?

erase all the exported logs, and try fresh, send me the raw file also.

Yes, I reset the logs. I installed the powerlogger fresh as well hoping that would solve it.

I was hoping I'm missing something dumb or my process is incorrect somewhere.
Update. I tried starting pretty much from scratch again. I erased the logs in the Scanmaster G. I deleted my powerlogger off of my computer. Re downloaded and installed.
Re flashed the powerlogger. Double checked there were no logs in the scanmaster G. Went out and recorded 2 logs. Got home and pulled the 2 logs. They again downloaded
as 2k files. 355 files in total equaling the frames stored on the Scanmaster G. Do you want me to send you one of the 2k logs? Also is the preferred email address?

Thanks again. Really want to get to the bottom of this as its my favorite feature of the Scanmaster G!!
yeah, send me what you have, I'll take a look.

we'll get it straightened out, the internal logs are a great thing to have.

Hi Bob,

Just seeing if you had a chance to look at this yet, or had any updates.

I don't have an answer because it always works fine for me. And you 2 guys are the only ones I have heard of with this issue.

Now, there was a software change a couple versions back that changed the way the internal log is stored, and if the old kind are stuck in there its likely they will not extract properly.

when you guys clear the logs and reboot the gauge, does the gauge then show 0 stored logs?

either of you guys going to be at bowling green?

Yup, when I erase the logs it shows 0 logs stored in the Scanmaster G.
The problem arose when updating to the new Scanmaster G software. But even trying the old software the problem persists.
I won't be at Bowling Green. I have zero issues besides this one, it works great. (n)
ok, I got the multiple logfiles, but not the matching templogfiledump.bin file. can you get me some fresh ones.

you're on version 1.06 in the gauge, and 2.68 in PLC, right (I think thats what you said)

I only had one log, I've attached it. There was no templogfiledump.bin file though.


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you are pulling the logs over bluetooth, or USB? (forgive me if I have asked this before)