Scanmaster G Logs


I used the new PL version to download the log, only had one on my Scanmaster G.
It downloaded it as 59 separate files. However, the first file is 13k and contained the entire run. :)
All of the other files contain nothing just a blip of info. One other thing that happened was after I downloaded
the log off of the Scanmaster G, it was erased from the Scanmaster G which it didn't do before.

Just finishing up doing my brakes so hopefully I can get a couple of new logs later tonight and see how those go.

Appreciate the help, any other info you need let me know.

it should not have erased, but one step at a time.

I was testing with 2 logs in mine here, and it worked several times.

will look at what happens with one log.


Erased all logs from Scanmaster G. Took the car out and recorded 4 new logs.
Opened PL and hit monitor, stopped and then downloaded the logs.

It downloaded as 4 readable logs. Also the logs stayed in the Scanmaster G.

I'd call that a success!!! My virus software (Avast) wasn't liking the PLC.EXE file, but I got around it.

Thanks for all the help on this.
Had this same , unique problem. Been fighting thru resolving for too long.

Just sharing that this PLC version fixed it for me as well!