ScanMaster hypothetical situation

Ok, so imagine I but the ScanMaster 2.1. I am driving one day, decide to floor it. ScanMaster displays 0* of KR. As the boost climbs, I notice a couple lights on my Casper's knock gauge light up. I let off the throttle instantly. Then, ScanMaster refreshes (1.5 seconds later due to the ALDL), still showing no detonation.
Now after that little run, I want to check the memory feature, or whatever it's called where it shows you the lowest o2 value and the highest KR value.
Since there was knock that occured but was not displayed, would it record that number for replay? Or would it just show 0? Thanks for the help.
From what I know, if you actually were watching every update on the screen of the Scanmaster INSTEAD of the road while driving, you should see the same 0 KR for the recall as you did while driving and watching the Scanmaster.

I hope you don't really try this!