scanmaster not showing data *%%^^#$@#@#%(


May 22, 2012
I can"T find the reason for my scanmaster to not show any data anymore could a sensor be loose i checked the analog block it is hooked to ill double check my connection on the green map wire. When i start the car it just flashes the ver 2.2 and pl3 and then it shuts off.... its not good timing i just installed a te44 and 60# inj with a hotwire fuel pump combo and sure would liketo monitor the results does seem to run nice ..way nicer than it was but without scanmaster up i don't really know what its data is
... anyone know what this sounds like it could be?
Did you plug the analog connection unit to the Powerlogger? V8killer had the same issue and we found it wasn't hooked up.
it looks like the scanmaster is not getting data from the PL. Most likely a connection issue, could be a flaky ground connection as well.

If you find no issues with the connections, I can check your PL to see if stopped outputting data.

Man i feel like a dope... but considerably better. I found the problem with my scanmaster was the analog cable that plugs into the port on the ecm must have been pulled so i had to secure(tape) it into position ill try a new cable if that doesnt work i bet the curcuit connects on the board that like the socket for the cable might be loose anyway its still kickin!now i can check out how my new additions are reacting with my engine :D
Glad you found it out. It had us scratching our heads until we back tracked the cable back to the ecm and we both said "Duh".
its working but i chased the loose connection to the analog port on the powerlogger circuit board it must been yanked because the black plug housing has play on the circuit board and if i don't tape it in a position where it can't move it stops working...:( i know its not completely toast but i don't want to fudge with it and break it...any recommendations as to my best options to get my powerlogger fixed?