Scanmaster from the good folks at Ramchargers. Runs you about $250. Well worth the $ if you aren't going DFI.
I am using direct scan, it is awesome! I baught a beater 386 laptop for 20 dollars and hooked it up to the ECM. A few minor mods to the ECM, but there is so much information-- 18 frames/second, estimated hp, 1/4 miles times... definatly worth the money.
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Yep, Direct Scan is what I use. Much faster than the other scan tools.
Nothing like a scanmaster to display knock retard on the fly.

Direct scan is great...but if it starts detonating and your not looking at the computer...kaboom :eek: :eek: :eek:

Both together make an excellent combo.The scanmaster is simple to use and requires pretty much nothing.Next step up is the turbolink..but if your going the laptop route...go direct scan.

Got to keep an eye on knock else head gasket/engine damage

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