SCE copper head gaskets and RJC rocker shaft braces


Buick and AMG pilot
Jan 17, 2006
SCE copper header gaskets (new): $25 shipped
RJC rocker shaft braces (new): $35 shipped

OR both for $50 shipped

But wait...there's more! For a limited time, if you purchase any of these items, or both--you will get a free, brandy new, Casper's schrader tee. This one ain't for the folks who tread carefully through life. Alas! This is the one pointless bolt-on piece that will set you apart from from the rest of the pack. This will show the rest of the turbo Buick enthusiasts that you are a gambling man; you like to live on the edge and bawk at the thought of your precious six-cylinders of fury going down in flames on the side of the road. Best of all, if you act now, this beaut can be yours for FREE!!!1!

PayPal will be ossim:


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I will take the RJC shaft braces. Let me know they are mine and I will paypal. Thanks!
Items sold

Sorry guys, just logged back in for the first time since I posted the ad. Items sold to Joe Schindler. Thanks.

Yep, I stand corrected Brad. ;)