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Aug 7, 2011
Now I know we are not a carry or strickly gun website. But I thought i'd post a question. I'm always arguing with my boss about carrying. He's always saying revlovers are uselss. so on and so forth. So anyway I got my new revolver. Havent shot it much. decided to carry with my new kydex holster. Just to get a feel. Now i dont like to think I'm Dirty Harry I know i should practice more with the gun before i start carrying it around. But wanted to see how it felt in my back pocket. I was going with my fiance to Wal Mart late at night. So the question is is it better to go unarmed or armed with little practice. Boss says, he wouldnt't carry. But I'd rather be safe than sorry. I dont carry all the time. And am going to attend some classes to better my skills. What you think.
i dont know where you live but i would join a local gun club that has a range and practic a lot and get comfortable with your weapon. i joined my local gun club in febuary and cost me $450 for the year with use of the range, skeet range and the bow range.we also have a small pond that is stocked all the time with trout and they also stock pheasents. next year it will cost me $300 because year #1 there are fees and stuff that year #2 wont have. if i put in would of done 10 hours work time next year would of been $200. i am allowed to bring a guest each time i go too.

the ranges that are public around here are also inside and most dont allow rifles or shotguns so this was another reason i joined a gun club. also the local ranges are about $35 per hour so it doesnt take too long to equal what the gun club costs.

either way i would rather carry and not be the greatest shot rather than have something happen and wished i had my gun.

i also suggest buying ammo on line in bulk the more you shoot the better you get and the more comfortable with your weapon you will become. i also am a big fan of the shoot and see targets as well they work great.

look up for the bullets and targets.

i am now pretty comfortable with my hand guns i still need to work on my long gun skills. i am also at about 50% on the skeet now too.
I'm a CHL instructor & although I prefer semi-auto to revolver (usually) I always recommend people carry what they are comfortable with.
Having said that...practice, practice, practice! (& learn the state laws regarding self-defense & defense of a 3rd party, etc.)
Take an NRA course if you can & really get comfortable & enjoy shooting; & take your fiancee, too!
I don't know how much experience you have w/ handguns so please bear with me (& forgive me!)
I tell my students that now you are carrying; learn to run away! You have nothing to prove & deadly force is THE last resort.
In my training I include dispute resolution, conflict avoidance, and legal ramifications of a shooting.
Get comfortable with your revolver, and carrying it. I like to wear bowling shirts (ala Charlie Sheen) or Hawaiian shirts
They tend to break-up any patterning of your sidearm and allow for easy retrieval.
I would suggest that you carry at all times that way you are used to it
and its always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
Also, if you carry a handgun, carry a cell phone!
The 1st person to call 911 is the victim; the 2nd one is the suspect. :oops:
Just my $0.02
Although I do not own a revolver I dont understand why anyone would say a revolver is useless. That kind of thinking is just crazy to me. Is it because of the limited capacity? I carry a KelTec .380 with only 6 my semi-auto now useless? As stated carry what you are comfortable with and normally shoot. I am lucky in that my boss allows the technicians who are licensed to carry at work. I carry every day, even to family functions and even to places that are considered off-limits ( I carried into a bank vault in a state that has no CCW at all!), always carry in the same place on my body (right back pocket ) so that it is instinct to reach for it if needed. I don't ever want to be in a position where i have to think to myself " did I pick up my gun today"?
You might contact Shane for ammo too...