Scene #1:Lighting, bmw 316t Scene#2: Ws6


Scene #1:

Car ( my gn ) at that time had a bad 02 and a cracked header ( about 4 inches long). Had this bmw 316t shadowing me through traffic for about 10 minutes. Didn't really want to mess with him, wasn't really interested in messing with him so I ignored him. But he continues. Had some mods ,I guess, kraut-fart can, sporty "mein auto ist keul" tints and who knows what else. ANYWHO, after finally getting to my right side as I am looking over pathetically, a quietly idling Lightning somehow pulled up to my left.......Hmmm? Now it's getting interesting...He's with his girl but I don't know if he'll while we are waiting for the green light...I rev it, he does too....316t thought it was green, he lights em up...(what an idiot) Anyway green finally comes and BOOYA 316 is left peeling his rubber at the light while me and Lightning hook beautifully for the first gear of transmission...........Until second engages...that's when my brick, sled, 15 yo behemoth jolts a half a car ahead and starts to stretch it to a car and a half by the time third comes then I am letting off, The Lighting flicks his lights in response as a good sport would do and turns to his final destination......and after a few moments of pondering my list of increasing wins on the street..........A screaming bradwurst does a GERMan ricer........................A chuckle concludes my ponderment.

Scene #2:

Gm Express seems to be acquiring a whole slew of vettes, ws6's, and Ls1's around here in Florida. And just so happens that I run into a recently Ls1 wrapped in a Ws6 bod. Not from the Factory but a aftermarket swappage I find out later. But I'm not prejudice......AT ALL! As soon as he saw me, while traffic was at it's worst this particular day, the call of challenge is conveyed through his driving mannerism...something that I can never overlook...(he he)...Yes we line at the light, Yes we start to popping and revving and chirping and jerking, Yes we are waiting for the most anticipated color of all that are known out here on the street.....But there is one handicap......And that is my gn.....It has had a bad 02 for a while........It has suffered a bad header crack for a while approx. 4 inches long....and to top things off...I have a blown head gasket ( which I find out later was in three places ) from a bad launch at Moroso ( turbojorge and blackshoebox's dad...yes it was me....)............and yes........I am still going to race.........and you know what?

I won.

White smoke, spike-boosting,3/4 of a car length but I won.

His name is Jose, mechanic, at gm express, gray ws6.


ps-Needless to say ( so why am I saying it? ) the freaking car ( mine ) is on stilts just ordered a whole bunch of stuff from poston and will be getting new internal everythings, prbly get it punched out 60 over don't know yet....But just imagine.........WHEWWW!!!!
Great Freaken Kills man !

Glad to hear you got that thing running right (well,except for crack and head gasket)an no longer in the.....well, you know.

Hey, we meet up sometimes in SW (close to FIU south) on thursdays when it doesn't rain. Let me know if you want to swing by tomorrow. We'll be at Autozone on Tamiami trail (sw 8th street) and 97 ave. Swing by. They'll prolly be about 8-15 of us. Maybe more.



P.S. Now, back to Barney! :D
P.S. Now, back to Barney! ---- lol there jorge. Sorry I can't or couldn't make it man, since the car is on stilts I rather not show up without my G.uN.s...So as soon I get it going........I'll be there........DUDES!!
Good kills but BMW stand for British Motor Works. They're not German. Now if it was a VW or a Benz or Porshe, theyre all german. Sounds like fun anyway.
Originally posted by mygrain
BMW stand for British Motor Works.
Well, this is just not the case. The only reason I know for sure is I've done several Carfax's for people on this board for BMW M3's and they all stated Imported from Germany on such and such date.
I thout BMW was Bavarian Motor Works.
Yes, I believe it is.

BMW = Bavarian Motor Works

BMW's are about as German as you can get. Go to their website: and you'll see Deutsch, i.e. German. Hope that helps :)