Scratch this one off of the bucket list, F430


Underwear model
Drove my friends F 430 last night, holy crap what a car. By far the coolest one I've driven to date. My heart was racing the entire time. I was leaving his house last night and he tells me to take it home, just bring it back tomorrow. Decided it was probably a bad idea and declined. Couple of crappy I-phone pics. Its for sale too, just waaaay out of my price range.


I know exactly what you mean!!! I had the opportunity to drive the F430 too. It's a bad mamajama. Same color too!!!!


It's amazing, not the fastest car I've ever driven but the most enjoyable to date. Everytime he buys a cool car we go for a ride and he says, you wanna try it? Well, yeah are you serious!? He lets me drive them too not just putt around. Theres always that little voice of reason saying, Matt, if you crash it, your Fu@#$%.
Yeah I agree, it's a little sluggish on the low end but man does pull in the upper rpm band. If you ever get the chance test drive the new 2011 BMW 760iL. V12 twin will be like :eek:. SLEEEEPER!!!!