I have a true story to tell. How I lost my GN @ Gbodyparts

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With the direction this has taken I am closing this thread UNTIL, CLAY OR BRIAN ASKS FOR IT TO BE REPONED! Again, will be more than happy to reopen for either one!
Thanks Shane for reopening this thread for me to make this post. When I started this thread it was with the intent to get the attention and hopefully a resolution with G-Body Parts. The support shown by the buick community and the efforts to right a wrong they had no part in has been overwhelming. Because the community has stepped in and done what he should have done it is no longer an option for him to provide a replacement roller. It is because of the efforts of this community that my car is being resurrected. This does not relinquish Brian/G-Body Parts of his responsibility. Some members have made large donations of cash. Should a settlement be reached I will thankfully give them that money back. I want the Buick community to know that this is not and never was an attempt to profit.

We have reached a point where the only recourse you have to right the wrong is by paying for the damages you caused. Here is the last chance I can offer you to 'step up' and right this situation. If you choose not to take advantage of this opportunity the only recourse I will have is to file a law suit against you for my losses. I can assure you that the amount I'd be willing to settle for 'out of court' is far less than what the 'in court' suit would total. Make the effort to right this and lets move past this ugliness. I'll provide you with exact numbers should you decide pay for the damages. Lets put this to rest. Awaiting your reply.
A few 1980's Quotes: Ronald Reagan, from some of my favorites which hold true even in this Government.

"I do not negotiate with terrorists."
Neither does GBP LLC nor do I personally.
"Terrorism is a preferred weapon of weak and evil men."
Currently every one is viewing this in action.
"Life at the top is frequently a lonely business."
Dennis Kirban told me I finely made it when people attack and talk about me. He was correct. We have produced more parts in the last 2 years for the preservation of the Gbody community than most others.

Seems a little strong? Not at all. You paid nothing for your incompetence. I lost welders, plasma cutters, fabrication equipment, and over $10,000.00 in interior products due to smoke damage. Did I feel I was entitled to retribution from our peers? Of course not. You had just lost your vehicle. I worked hard to recover the losses and moved forward.

After 3 years of you not being able to get a fire marshal to believe you, we now have this.

I'm not going to re-hash your fire fighting certificates which are only that. Or your bold face version of the facts. You stated you may not win in court of law but you would win in the court of public opinion. We both knew that.

In today's Entitlement Society I would expect no less. You read it every day. I burn myself with coffee... I will sue you for a million dollars. Tell elaborate stories while denying or evading the facts. This will get you what you want. Most of my customers earn what they have... not asking for a hand out. Hell even that night you convinced me I burnt your car— I said pick any car on the lot... and you did. You were shopping the next morning.

The following day when the fire marshal gave me the report of an electrical fire, my attitude changed. Clay, I believe in earning what I want. Not stating or guilting "I'm on a fixed income" to peers. Well that is too strong as well. If I can't afford it, I don't buy it nor would your peers. They would have insurance on their vehicle to cover any self induced negligence. Not wait 3 years and say "why should I pay? I'm entitled... I know, I will post on the board."

3 years later, very similar circumstances. I get back from Bowling Green & the Nats. I'm building an 85 Monte Carlo SS with an 87 WE-4 drive trane. Why? Is he scared I will weld on his car and it will burn?
No, he can afford and planned his build. It is Going to SEMA. He saved his money and did the work he was qualified to do himself. What he couldn't, he left in the hands of professionals.

Maybe after your entitlement guilt washes over the masses you can bring yours there as well in a few years.
Mike only planned this for 10 years. No entitlement. He knew what he could and could not afford. This is called following your dream with determination.

The truth always has a way of working its self out. It will here as well. Whether it be in the court of public opinion or a court of law. We both know that if you were right, it would not have taken you three years to come forward!
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