Seatbelt warning light going nuts


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Mar 1, 2013
So not only is this car persistent about telling you to put your seatbelt on by dinging until it's hearts content, but even when you have it on, the seatbelt light will sporadically come on and off while driving. Sometimes the slightest bump will set it off for a few. Where is this thing located? Is it all built into the thing that makes all the damn noise? Or multiple parts? Anyone else have these issues?

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if you unplug the connector at bottom of the driverside seat belt near the console it should not come on
I'll be sure to look for that as a temporary fix. However I still would like to repair the issue so it works as intended.

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if it doesnt happen unplugged then you need to replace the driverside seat belt assembly by the console
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So if it still does it with the seatbelt unplugged, the issue is elsewhere?

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if it still happens unplugged you need to make sure that wire where it runs under seat along driver sill is not grounding out (one side is grounded under the seat to a screw the other side runs to the dash ) , if wire is good the module in the convenience center may be bad or loose which is mounted behind the dash between column and radio
Thanks for the help, I'll check it all out once the rain clears up.

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