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I am selling my 1987 Turbo Buick Regal, T-Type. I am starting at $5,000 and will consider all offers. I must sell it fast due to moving in 2 weeks and no time or money to fix a few problems. I am a girl that can't quote a bunch of statistics off the top of my head. I just know, I got into them because of a boy/friend who has several t-types, turbo trans ams, gn's, and knows everything about them along with racing them. So, I know he did his homework and this is a great car.

I bought it two years ago, and didn't drive it much afterwards. I bought lots of new parts to go fast. It is black with chrome trim (hard to explain, it is different looking - but nice) with a power sunroof, gray interior, digital dash, and other stuff. The paint is fading, but doesn't look terrible. The roof is different, I forget what it is called- landau top? I guess people say it looks like a limited Regal, but it is a real t-type. I have grand national rims on it now, and I have the original rims too that will be included. It runs great. I even raced it a few times at the track and it did good with the parts I had on it and me being an amateur with no slicks.

Only problem is, it had a little accident when I let the boyfriend borrow it and he wiped out on some ice. I guess the front left side hit a guardrail, and the frame is bent a little. I had people look at it, and it is not bent bad. It could be fixed easily (just needs to be pulled in one area), but I can't spend anymore time or money on this car. So, I will be fair and sell it at a discount to account for that. I already have another fender and bumper to replace the ruined ones.

The front end was just re-done completely. Many hours, all new parts. The brakes were changed over too, because of the accumulator balls going bad and becoming too expensive and hard to find to replace. The brakes may need some tweaking due to the change over. I can probably list the new parts I added on, if I find the receipts. It is the typical stuff, before changing the exhaust or buying a bigger turbo. I can get more details if you need it. I have the original paperwork and all the receipts.

See, the boyfriend does not want me to sell this car. He loves the car, and wants me to keep it. Otherwise, I would have all the specs on here with his help. I love the car too, but need a place to live more than the car. I spent a lot of money on this car, and barely drove it. I need to cut my losses and let it go to someone who has the time and know how to enjoy it. I am located in Meriden, Connecticut.
If you are interested please email me at Thank you. Jennifer.
Pictures of 87 T-Type

I am attaching the original pictures of the car. It basically looks the same, but I changed the grill and light thingies in front to black. It looks better I think. Oh, and the bumper is off until the frame is fixed.


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