Selling cars on here

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Nov 10, 2010
Why is it that some many broke azzes go on the vehicle classifieds and pick a part peoples ads.

its not like these guys actually have any money to buy a car, much less fix the junk they already have.

Its called a DOOR, open it. Walk upstairs and tell ask your mom to borrow the car.

Seriously. Everyone knows it takes a lot of real money to build a car. Quit trying to pick something apart because your broke and window shopping.

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Just looked at your post trying to sell your car, the car sounds like its got a lot of good parts on it but next time post some pictures . Will get you a lot more responses from serious buyers here. Also I would think that not being rude in your posts will get you a lot further on selling it.
Try being more of an jerk about it and see how far it gets you on this board:rolleyes:

We don't play games here. If you have a problem with the board just hit the log out button and don't come back...

I can help you if you need it...
Not open for further replies.