Selling my 87 GN t-tops,digital dash.

GNX 165

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Jul 9, 2007
Im thinking of selling my 87 gn, It has T-tops, digital dash, paint job is about two years old, the interior is ver good, It has a couple of bolt on extras but nothing crazy. It has 42lb injectors. 3" downpipe, fuel pressure regulater, hooker exaust, cold air intake new springs shocks and tires. The mileage on the odomoder is 63k, But Ill assume Its 160k. Im asking around 10k for It if interested let me know, I live in franklin square NY and I'll have pics on hear asap. thanks
Im working on the pics I'll have them up here as soon as I can and the car Is In new york.
pics of 87 GN

Ill try and get some more pics of the car here are a few. The car really is in great shape, and runs great also.


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