set weld draglites MT ET Streets 325/50/15

Dec 12, 2005
set of 4 weld draglites. nice chrome, polish them up & look good as new.

fronts = 15x7 (looks like about 3 3/8" bs) with new dunlop sp sport 5000 tires 215/65r15.

rear = 15x10 (looks like about 5 1/2" bs) with mickey thompson et street radials p325/50r15, tires screwed to rims. tread left: 3/32 from top of tire to groove depth (bottom) according to my tire depth checker. its a little over 1/32 from top of tire to top of tread checker tab. looks like a decent amount of life left, (assuming you dont do crazy burnouts :eek: ), but since I don't have any idea on how much tread starts out above the tab when tires are new, you be the judge from these specs.

center caps & open end lugs included!

$900. local pickup preferred (MI), but willing to ship if necessary (don't have a clue to the cost of this).



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