setting base timing with F.A.S.T



tried to check base timing on my small block ford but it dies as soon as I pull the spout connector. An tricks to setting base timing with the FAST system?
Set the crank reference angle in the software to 10 degrees. Twist the distributor until the number in the "Spark (BTDC) sensor at the bottom of the screen in the spark table shows the same as what you see on the timing light. This should do it for you.
thanks craig , thats how I had done it so I guess its right. Was just trying to eliminate a possible cause to my popping through the intake. I was wondering if my ECU is up to speed with the latest firmware revision as I bought my system in late 99 and am just now getting it running.

SN# 778
Firmware B2BLT1-R
Manufacture Date 061099

Any insight would be appreciated. I'm also in search of a formula for calculating injector flow rates as pressure increases. Thanks for the help
I don't recall the exact formula for flow rate vs. pressure change, but 1% per psi increase/decrease is the rule of thumb.

Your ECU isn't quite current, but the firmware revision you have is stable, no known troubles, and runs well. I think you'll be happy with what you currently have.
Which damper are you using. If you are using the FMS with the marking (A) and (B) 0 - 40. Make sure you are using the A for timming reference. I had a friend who thought the A and the B was BTDC and ATDC. THEY ARE NOT. Use B if your timing marker is on the driver side and A on the passenger side.:cool:
thanks for the advice things goin a little better this the VE tables worked in pretty good up to about 3500 rpm . hopefully get some more done as long as the weather holds out