Settings for SMC Kit


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I know every car is different but I am looking for some tuning tips.
I am using denatured alcohol with 92 octane gas. I have the pump turning on at 10 psi and the speed set at the highest setting. No bog at pump turn on point. I am using an ATR Pitbull chip with 24.2 degrees of timing at WOT. I can run 19 psi of boost. Car feels good but I want more! What adjustments should I make?
I had mine set up like yours but I didn't need the pump turned up that high. I was running a ME chip on 009's then. You should be able to run a few more pounds of boost depending on your injectors, IC and such. What is your FP at and your combo?
Sorry, I thought my combo was in my signature but I guess it was lost when the board crashed! My fuel pressure is set at 45 psi with the vac line off. I am running bluetops, a big neck stock intercooler, TA49 turbo, no cat, single 3" exhaust and a MM 208/208 cam. I was getting 3 to 5 degrees of retard at 20 psi of boost. I turned up the fuel pressure one pound and the boost down to 19 and the knock retard went away. Now O2s are 790 at top of third gear. I thought about turning the pump speed down but thought I would ask before doing so. Will too much alky slow you down?
My pump comes on at 13# and is set on '8' with 93 octane + alcohol. See signature for combo and time.
I have an Auto Meter mechanical gauge. I was on the car when I bought it 3 years ago. I turned up the fuel pressure to 46 #s. The turbo spools a little slower (not a bad thing because of less tire spin). I turned down the pump speed to 8 but had more knock retard. I turned the pump speed all the way up and car seemed to run the best with 2* of retard and 20 #s of boost. My o2s went from 850 down to 800 in third gear. Any other tips to get more power out of the car?
I never used an ATR chip, is that the street or strip chip your running? A good 20* chip from JL would probably be better. Now that's JMO as others will run all different degrees of timing and boost levels. I would try an other chip which is relatively cheap and just keep tunning. I was able to run 22lbs of boost with 009's,JL chip and mod stock IC. I have since upgrade inj and IC and sold the SMC kit but got in on the GP and went to the dual nozzle set up and hope to turn the wick up when I get it.
The ATR Chip is a street chip. It is pretty agressive though with 24* of timing at WOT. If others are running a 20* chip it is probably why they can run more boost. Has anyone tried the plate from Loveridge Machine that fits between the dog house and intake manifold? It is suppose to distribute the intake air better and should reduce knock! I was thinking that it might help me to be able to raise the boost.
Well i'm new to this...I'm using the loveridge plate with the smc kit.I ran a 7.83 @ 88.7 1/8 mile last wed nite.All stock turbo,inj,conv,etc...I did record knock but none(2.5 degrees) at the top of third gear.EGT was 1550

My setup comes on at 13lbs and spray set to 3/4(2 oclock setting)

As long as egt's and knock are under control...raise the boost.That is my understanding.