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It's Been Awhile!!!
Howdy Y'all,

I realize that it has been awhile since I have spoken with most of you. As I am sure some of you know I have relocated to the TN area. Which is why I have been out of the loop. However, I am now back in full swing and things are awesome.

Which leads me to my reason for posting. In the beginning Shawn and I started the South Florida Turbo Buick Club as a venue for all of us to get together for some fun GN times. My contribution to the club was to provide all web related services with the exception of design. This included Domain Registration, Hosting and Email services. I am sure you are all aware that the site has been down for some time. Originally I thought it was due to the fact of the move from FL to TN but after dealing with the registrar for several months it seems that was not the case. The reason our site is down is because the company that I WAS affiliated with for domain registrations had SOMEHOW sold our domain to someone else. I had this registration for a 5 year term and this is beyond me. Being an IT professional for over 10 years I have never seen this happen before. So, they have refunded the total amount I paid for the 5 year registration and what we have to do is RE-REGISTER a NEW DOMAIN. If we want to stick with SFTBC as the domain here are the available Top Level Domains:

sftbc.com is available
sftbc.info is available
sftbc.us is available
sftbc.club is available

If we want to keep the .ORG designation then we would need to decide on a new DOMAIN NAME. I want to assure you all that in light of this incredible screw up the registration will not be through the previous Registrar. The NEW registration will be through ME so I can control all aspects of the registration. My company is set up for registrations and there is no cost affiliated as I said before the hosting and domain registration is my continued contribution to the future of our club.

I am posting this information because I want us to make a unified decision as to what our NEW web presence will be identified as. Please post your recommendations. Once we decide on a web name the site will be up in 24-48 hours.

Please accept my apologies for the above. I have been working diligently to resolve this with the OLD registrar and no kidding have spent endless hours with them telling me it was MY FAULT. Come to find as of YESTERDAY and talking with a SENIOR TECH this is the reason our site hasnt been functioning. This along with problems some of my other customers have experienced is why I no longer go through them for registrations.

One more FYI.. the company I used is a BIG Domain Name Registration company Register.com. So, I recommend that if any of you are using them I would switch to another company.

Please post your replies as to a new presence so I can have the site up ASAP!!!!!


PS--> Any questions email me at tony@awsantos.com
Vote For Your Choice of Web Names..


Shawn and I are putting our votes in for SFTBC.COM.

Please reply and advise if you all are in agreement.. If there are no replies then we will assume that this will be fine and procees with the registration.

Please vote no later than Monday May 31st by Midnight.

I would like the site to be back up by WEDS, THURS the latest.

Speak to you all later.


This is to advise that the new location for the South Florida Turbo Buick Club is www. SFTBC.COM!!!

The site is presently up and running I have emailed Shawn to make the appropriate changes so that it is operating at 110%.

If you all have any questions then please email me and let me know.

The sftbc.com website is up and running, finally.

Thanks to Tony for donating the server and bandwidth for us.


Please test it out and let me know what you think.
Website Comments and Suggestions

Now that the site is back up.. lets use the rest of this space for comments and suggestions relating to site content.

This way we can provide the most information available.. I have been to other club sites and few are fortunate to have their own domain name.

So, let the suggestions start pouring in.

We will be listening.