shakes in drive when stopped


Sep 3, 2001
Hi i have this problem my car shakes like it has a big block in it only when you are at a light and in drive put it in park and its fine. It also will only do this after it has warmed up. Any ideas feel free to post. THanks
It actaully could be many things. Injectors, chip, cracked header O2 coil pack ingnition module wires plugs loose balancer bad rod bearings tcc partially locked up the list goes on. I would get a scan tool and do all the normal spring cleaning items and a good tune to start with. Look at the for the spring cleaning guide.
I have done most the things in the spring cleaning recently changed out the coil pack ignition module, plugs etc. I will check the bolts on the balancer and torque converter bolts maybe something came loose I have no codes or anything thanks for all the replys so far