shakey speedo reading question


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Jul 27, 2012
Hey all! My 87 with digital dash fluctuates up or down 5 or 6 mph. The scanmaster fluctuates 25 to 30 mph but only up, not down. I have TT 6.1 chip and if I breathe on the throttle my wideband drops to 10. Could these issues be related? Thanks in advance and cheers!
I lubed my cable, 2 months later the upper cable broke. New cable is not expensive. The fun part is changing it.
Pull it out from the housing after disconnecting the cable housing from the NOT let grease get on the last 6 inches of the cable at the speedometer end...keep that last 6 inches clean...otherwise you'll have problems.

Bruce '87 Grand National
You can use white grease, but very, very's what I used....try to get it on the cable, not all over your hair, beard, mustashe,eyes, tongue like I did.:rolleyes: ........graphite is a good idea also, I would go with what he said.

Bruce '87 Grand National