Shaved door handles a track no-no?


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I overheard that a car with shaved door handles won't pass tech, true or false? As you can see from my sig, my car doesn't meet any class requirements. But if shaving my handles will keep me off the track when I do have the opportunity to get on it, I'm not going to do it.
the pretty much frown upon it. Its a saftey issue.
I mean what if your car is on fire and they cant get the door open to get you out??
I have seen people leave there remote that open the doors with a track offical while racing, that did have shaved door handles..
My car is a convertible. If it's on fire, the top won't be there to hold me back ;) . Seriously, is this really a problem at the track? I can honestly say my car will probably only be at the track for test and tune times. I've seen the ricers at the local track with shaved handles, but I may want to go to some of the Buick events when I get it running.

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Right now it is a big pile of parts :( . The goal is to have it ready for a track rental day at Reynolds in late March. I also registered for the Hot Rod Power Tour in June, so hopefully it will be ready. The body work and paint should be done by the end of the month, at least then it will look like a car. I'll post pictures then.

I told them if the car is messed up that bad, they can break the windows (if not broken already) and reach in to the door handle. Tech has never given me problems since...........Just the &%&*ING crappy body work :mad: .
Nothing in the NHRA or IHRA rulebooks about exterior door handles, unless I'm missing it. I guess it's up to the discretion of the tech inspector/track policy.
doors must be openable from the outside ,

ive seen guys use their antenna bent up and left sticking out by the glass as a means of opening the door or even a rope will do so long as it will open the door
from the2005 NHRA rulebook
general regulations ,
Both doors must be functional from inside and outside on all full bodied cars.
First Ive heard of this, never thought about it. I havent had any trouble or inquiries concerning my car [other than about doing this mod to someone elses car] and the handles have been shaved for 2-3 years now. This past season tech was much more thorough than past years checking helmets and such but no mention of this.
If it were that serious of a situation, please.. just break the glass! (If it didnt break already).