She's finally here!!!!!!


My wife gave birth to our daughter (Jennifer) Tuesday at 6:29 PM after 11 1/2 hours of labor. Needless to say, but Jennifer already has me wrapped. My wife is awesome to have given me the greatest gift I could ever receive. Hopefully we will all be home tomorrow. TIA
Congrats! My daughter was born 11/2/03. I forgot to catch up on my sleep beforehand.....but hey, I can work with 3 hours a night no problem. She's already a fiesty one - just like my wife.

Good luck and pay close attention - the years go by quick!

your daughter

Hey Congratulations .. what a wonderful gift. You and your wife have been blessed. Best of luck to you .....
Congrats to both new dads!
The sleep thing isn't that bad, you sink into it. Helped that I'm a night owl and my wife gets up early, maybe that'll work out for you guys too. Having a baby is a powerful feeling, and especially when you are blessed with a healthy one.