Shifting way early!!!! Checked the tv cable, no help


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So before I got my car really road worthy I had shifting problems that would arise after the car came up to temp. Would up shift way too early and slow to downshift. I did the tv cable adjustment per gnttype and that seemed to fix it. Car sat some more and finally got her running well. I've been driving it quite a bit the past 3 weeks. At least 20 miles per time out, up to about 60. Today I took her out and everything was fine until the 10-15 mile mark. Was really hot today btw. It started doing the same thing as last time. Shits way too early and I think the converter is staying locked. If I really gave it some gas it would down shift but really violent. Took it home and didn't drive it for a few hours. Pulled the tv cable off and gave it a few tuggs and took it back out. Got about 5 miles of it driving fine then started all over again. Did the tv cable adjustment again per gnttype. No help. Took it out again to see what it was really doing. If I accelerated with minimal throttle(like right off idle) it seemed to accelerate and shift fine, around 2500-2750 rpm but if I pushed the pedal done just a hair more the car would upshift!!!!

Have any suggestions on what to do next?

Thanks guys
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The converter lockup solenoid in the trans is sticking closed when hot. Needs to be changed out. It's an easy fix. Drop the pan. The solenoid is plugged into the pump held in by 2 10mm bolts.